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Space Exploration vs World Poverty

Space Exploration vs. World Poverty

Space Exploration

  • We may find a planet like ours that can sustain life, and one that the human race can move to if we destroy our world, or something bad happens to it.
  • When we explore space and develop our worldwide space programs, a lot of products come as a result of this. Many of these have been very important things, like velcro, or the ear thermometer. It is even true that for every $1 that the U.S spends on their space program, they get another $8 in economic benefit. This is a huge plus for their country.
  • When we are in space, we have a great chance to monitor the earth, which gives us much understanding of things, like our weather! Without man having been into space, many things would not be possible.
  • News about space exploration and astronauts etc. inspires young children to become scientists and engineers themselves, which of course this world needs a lot of.
  • Many countries become better alliances and ‘friends’. This is because they are working together to achieve one purpose. It is like those team building exercises at school. It also comes down to a more personal level, with individual astronauts meeting others from countries they are working with.

World Poverty

  • If we were to put money into world poverty, we would provide many poor and homeless people with all of the things that they need to live a good life. Not one of misery.
  • If we were to provide a good education for children in other, poorer countries, then they could grow up to be leaders. These leaders could lead their country out of poverty, and start to grow their area into one of joy and equality.

My Opinion:

I believe that the benefits of space exploration are fantastic, and one would be stupid to let them go. However, I believe that poorer countries should have a chance to recover from their downturn, and rid their government of any corrupt leaders. However, to completely get rid of world poverty would cost trillions, and we would have to do it one country at a time. Just helping out one country could mean a huge job, but I think that we could get there in the end. I still stand by my thoughts on space exploration though, and think that we should never let such a great thing go. Anyway, compared to other U.S spendings, the Space Program barely costs anything.

U.S Spendings (2003 Research)

Gambling Expenditure:587 Billion USD
Tobacco Expenditure:31 Billion USD
Alcohol Expenditure:58 Billion USD
Illegal Drugs Expenditure:80 Billion USD
Medical Treatment for All of the Above250 Billion USD

U.S Military Budget:
Navy (2011)150 Billion USD
Army (2011)245 Billion USD
Air Force (2011)170 Billion USD
Marine Corps (2011)29 Billion USD
Department of Defense (2012)700 Billion USD

Space Research Spending (U.S)
Space Shuttle Program (Up to 2011)193 Billion USD
Cost to Send a Space Shuttle to Space500 Million USD*
NASA Satellites (2011)5 Billion USD*
Whole NASA BudgetNot Known (But Incredibly Small)

Great research   !!!!! And interesting to read
*Figures are approximate

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